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May 02, 2024


Mary Abel

I love reading your adventures. Thank you so much for connecting those of us who don't travel as far anymore to the world through your eyes. Keep on traveling! Thank you!


That was amazing! What an adventure this has been! I have gotten to see places I will never go myself, and it meant more that it was all documented by someone I know and respect. Your writing is a great and interesting history lesson! Thank you!

I.C.E.      Nick Vrionis

Hi Anad
We will be there May 9 on a city tour as we are on the Oceania cruise ship Nick vrionis


Anand I just loved your article on Mumbai! You should send it to Conde Nast magazine for travel, you have described my Mumbai soooo beautifully that I love it even more!!!!!


My favorite Indian city captured so beautifully by you and Luisa in your travels. You touched the vibrance, the variety, the meeting of all people from every walk of life in the city that never sleeps. Looking forward to our next visit there later this year!


Sounds like a wonderful city. 🩵


Very nice!!


Lovely video and description. I was impressed by the lady walking with bare feet in 88 degrees. The floor must have been hotter.

And very nice to see Yogini Auntie in the video. Paan and then at dinner later on. Using vertical the way you did was nice. I liked the description too- had no clue Rudyard Kipling lived I. Malabar Hill.

What a great trip. Enjoy the continued adventures! 🤗❤️


Learned so much. Thanks and what a good job, Anand! All wonderful info, but I must say the Portuguese princess dowry part was quite the legendary blast from the past! Now, go Mumbai, go India, claim your top spots in the world arena!


Oh what a lovely read uncle and inspiration for us to travel there 🥰


Wow.. Such an interesting read and sharing of so many historical facts that I had forgotten. Will check some of these places when we make our next visit there

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