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January 25, 2024



Haahahah. By faith I claim one day I would also travel the world 🙂


Dear Anand
Hope all is well. this is the most wonderful piece I have read ever.


You make it sound so scary😬

Prasad Vepa

Thanks for sharing this very poignant, thought provoking and insightful little essay by the great Javed Akhtar. Homes are remembered for hosting and enabling warm, wonderful and loving memories of time spent with others, enabling their dreams, aspirations, joys and sorrows, trials, tribulations and triumphs, in other words lives lived, much like Thomas Gray's Elegy in a country churchyard.


Anand true👍👍👍👏👏


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Occupation: Globe Trotter


I have a house, but more importantly, it is a home.


I guess anywhere, or anyone, that we fill with love and memories, is “home.”❤️

Bipin Shah

One can live a nomadic life only after the children are gone and you are empty nesters! The other consideration for many is to be able to pay for hotels and meals if you stop living in a home that for most people may not have a mortgage. For those like you in Si Valley, if you sell a home with couple of miles in equity, nomadic life may be fine.
Just thought I share this with you and other readers. By the some people like to sleep in their own beds and nomadic life doe not work for them either.
Bipin Shah


Inspirational and thought provoking. Home is where the heart is, and where memories are made. Thanks for sharing!


To Bipin
Thanks for your comment. Having experienced most of the things in the main storyline and childhood teachings of four phases of life in India ( fourth one being detachment) were behind our decision to try nomad life, not because of our life and status in Silicon Valley. We are happy no matter whether it’s a hotel or Nipa Hut.

The beautiful home I grew up in India, with fond memories, is not taken care of and looks like Khander. Only pigeons and monkeys enjoy the luxury of the home.

Here in USA, none of our kids wanted our home in Silicon Valley. Logistics of taking care of it and traveling were not totally peace of mind.

And the childhood learnings of four phases of life Childhood, Youth, Family and Career and the detachment years had been deeply embedded in mind.

So long before reading this article, we are trying the teachings of fourth phase of life. Detachment from all things. To be honest, giving away all material possessions was not difficult but the emotional attachment with family and friends is still very strong and only time will tell how successful we are in that area.

Hope this clarifies.


I enjoyed reading the article. It made me reflect and thought about the pilgrims. We are like them in a way.

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