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March 10, 2023


Dilip Amin

1. I always have my medicine kit, including meds for diarrhea, fever etc.
2. We have all travel docs in paper copy, photos at one place and also email to us with title easily to search and find (030923 for flight ticket info on that day).
3. We do not have travel insurances and took chances, but something to consider in the future.


Travel insurance has paid off many times its cost when unforeseen things have happened. They don’t happen often but when they did, it was a great relief to have the insurance.


I am with you with precautions. Including copies of my doc and travel insurance are my prescribed meds, OTC meds like Tylenol, anti-diarrhea, and Mucinex-since with changes of temps, throats could also be affected--plus a lot of cough drops. On my carry on are some undies and extra clothings in case luggage are delayed and you're stuck in some places.

I will certainly review what I have to take shortly on upcoming travels.

Thanks for the reminders and hope we all have exciting and fun travels.

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