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March 31, 2023



Such a beautiful story and lovely memories! Sounds like you had a wonderful visit home. ❤️

Anne Chong

A tribute to your aunt. Beautifully written. Enjoy your stay in India.


Made me smile


Wonderful note…

Wonderful life…

All that glisten and shimmer are not just memories, but moments in life that mattered… 😊

In many ways, old age can be a great blessing because the whole experience of life is behind you.


A fascinating biography and tribute to your aunt. I imagine she must feel proud for how India is coming of age in this new century and feel hopeful for the good changes and opportunities that may come for the less fortunate people in India.


Truly amazing


What an admirable and inspirational lady!


What a life. Respect❤🙏


One beautiful life. Wonderful bio/tribute. It has always been said our happiness is found when we give happiness and help to the less fortunate.

Dr Niyati ( posted by FR team)

Treat everyone barrier of position ...power .... social status...
Great virtue to imbibe
God bless her always 💐💐🌹💐🌹🙏

Sunny B

Terrific milestone - may she live long !

FE Japan

What an encouraging story, Anand! Enjoy the rest the of your stay in India. 😍

humble warrior

An eloquent tribute to such a wonderful woman.


Nice story to highlight someone who did more for others than self. It is hard to do for self, family and community all at same time.

Hiral Rohit Shah

I absolutely agree with the writer and believe that when one uses his/her mind to give an answer; if his/her remembrance power has reduced, he/she forgets things often. But when that same person is involved in something with his/her heart, there is no role of brain in such case. And so, even if the remembrance power is less, he/she can easily give answer without forgetting anything. This is so because that answer comes entirely from his/her heart and not the mind.

It’s like a miracle but also an outstanding truth.


Siddhidaben, I remembered her fondly. She was a family friend of my uncle who was in education too.
After so many years I remembered her. Rightly say connection of mind and her devotion.


Thanks for your comment Matra. Sadly she passed away 3 days ago. Well lived, purpose driven life that changed lives of 10s of thousands of Orphans and Women in need.

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