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February 10, 2023



I am glad you are recovering with treatment received in time. I take in the sense that it is good that the wound is not more serious. Monkeys have been known to bite too, and that can be nasty.

Interesting to learn about the connection with monkeys. I share this connection. Fortunately, the two physical contact encounters i have experienced have been tender and affectionate. 😊 Probably the result of having a friendly feeling for animals and birds. I keep on talking to them....


So not just humans like you…. Monkeys too!

“Just cause you got the monkey off your back doesn't mean the circus has left town.” George Carlin

KG friend

(I do not blame the monkey. It was perhaps overwhelmed by seeing his NRG descendent after a long time, or may be – for the first time.)
Well, jokes apart. I hope, it is not a serious injury and with anti-tetanus and anti-rabbis, you would soon get going and it will not jeopardise your trip to Rajesthan.
Take care and get well soon.


Good that you did eventually get the shots. Godspeed recovery. Monkeys are just attracted to you.


That sounds like the Monkey recognized you finally have return home and he must have missed you so he was giving the love ! 😝

Arizona Admin

I'm glad you are doing better and you were able to get the medical attention needed quickly.

Is there perhaps another book in your future of all the odd happenings on your travels? I am sure you have a lot of interesting travel stories over the years.

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