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January 27, 2023



Words of wisdom as always! While the grief maybe real with change of life, uncertainty, feeling of shame, shy to ask for help etc, time does put things in perspective. Believe that this place was just a station where we met fellow passengers and now our train of life will take us to the next station. In this journey, we will transform ourselves again and make us useful to another group of people with the relationships and skills that we developed.

BQN Original

Very timely and you left a big footprint. And you continue leaving them in still, all over the world!


This is really true. Some people work because they have to--for personal and professional reasons. I did too and like the one on the story above, I gained more-experiences -both personal and professional --and lots of friends. I met different people who some became friends that I hope for life though some come and go. However, when I left the workplace, I left treasuring the memories (good and bad) too. There were times that there are photos of events and other memorabilia. Certificates and letters I got--I had them in a binder. :)

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