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November 23, 2022



Very relevant in today’s cut throat competition to outdo one another at any cost.


Lovely story of using the spoons. Timeless relevance!

A hole in the boat, even if at the far end, still remains everybody's response-ability.


Good parable. Happy Thanksgiving!

humble warrior

Love to see them back! Happy Thanks giving!


Today, a staff writer for The NY Times tried to imply Lincoln’s Thanksgiving Proclamation was simply a thank you for victories at Vicksburg and Gettysburg. I doubt the woman has even read the Proclamation because if she had, she would instantly understand his basic theme was “Thanks be to God for his mercy and all that he has provided.” Too many just don’t get it or don’t want to admit it (that there is a God).

Enjoy the day and your Thanksgiving.

Cousin from Maryland

Nice thanksgiving story. Thank you. Glad the new reflections will begin soon. New reflections from new experiences from your travels

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