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February 11, 2022



" is all you need."--The Beatles
Sanskrit's 96 words for love is impressive!


😊 Great post above how people's affection for us and our affection for them changes our lives. Love is the word for it. True. ❤️


This is such counterintuitive but true that one works the most when he or she feels appreciated or in some case mentored to get better. Assuming that one can get better from any starting position is the key to the growth mindset. They say the cultures are defined by the language. For example Russian language does not have the word blue and so it is hard for them to perceive. More the words for a topic, better we understand. I see first hand with my daughter who is hearing impaired and it is so hard for her to explain her thoughts sometimes.


You role modeled this at work. Seen very few use this method to get team together. Sometimes we need tough love but in most cases, positive energy results much more.


Oh this was wonderful! The singing and the message (really liked the first Tony Robins quote). Thank you for sharing!!!!! Take care my friend


Interestingly presented essence about interpersonal interactions and dynamics.

I can agree with portions about the rest of the content.

A personal (if at all true) understanding reached after much contemplation is, that "Prem" or "Love is too big a word which we misunderstand and use very casually - and it is this misunderstanding which has caused much pain in the world. In almost all of our interpersonal interactions, the closest we have ever been to the experience of Love is - friendliness or warmth. To call it "love" would be an abuse of the word, if not an insult to love.

The line quoted from Luisa kaki's letter of 1979 is endearing.... the icing on the cake! 😊

The acid test of love is:

1. Is it purely an awareness, or is it infused with emotional energy? Energy is characteristically with polarity, and love is without polarity or opposite - it is the state of neutrality. It can be love only if it is free of any and all emotional energy.

2. Is it free of emotional attachment, or is it based on such attachment? It can be love only if it is free of all attachment.

3. Is it indiscriminate (or selective) ? If it includes a few.. or many, it still excludes the rest. If it is indiscriminate and All-inclusive (without exception), then alone it is love.

4. Is it "for" somebody apart from me, or is it an experience purely in itself? If it is dependent on my perception of somebody as distinct from me, it still is a conditional experience dependent on the perception of separateness. Therefore, Love is the freedom from the very condition of objective perception, that is, it is the realisation and the experience of the reality that there are no "others".

Until the 4 tests above are fulfilled, it would help us abstain from expressing any of our experience as "Prem" or "Love". Yes, at its highest, it surely can be unattached and magnanimous warmth and friendliness.


Prasad Vepa

Enjoyed this post very much. I believe love is a deep, spontaneous, enduring, unselfish care and concern for another person. Someone once said beautifully, that love is a friendship that has caught fire!”

humble warrior

love the love quotes... one more ... "love doesn't need to perfect. It just needs to be true."

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