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February 03, 2022


Shardamandir Friend

Very inspiring life of mrs Shubhada
And superb creation


Wow simply outstanding

Elizabeth Wu

Shubhada’s Sand Art is Genius!

Work Colleague

She's brilliant. I've seen her do a live sand art display. She is incredibly talented. Great story.

Fr Intel Veteran

Hi Anand
1st of all excellent articles on FR. Not only the topic but how well she has articulated. It is very impressive - kudos to Phoebe.

Noticeably, each week her reporting is increasingly getting more interesting, engaging, and thought provoking. She indeed has given new life to this FR 2.0. You are lucky to have her as your next editor to keep your FR legacy alive. Keep it up Phoebe. 👍 Please share this feedback with her. Thanks.


Another Steve Jobs in the making..👍


Truly a savant. Only a prodigy can do this. She is nothing short of a genius. She is blessed by Maa Saarada! 🙏🏼


Thank you Anand. You might as well add that science proves its theories by observation and records where as art speculates the possibilities to explore. Thanks again


A goal and a blessing to do what you love..
Yes, no matter what we do, we try and make sense of all of it.
Your reflections are wonderful.
Happy Friday/weekend, Anand.


I know Shubhada and love and admire her for so many things. Not just her intelligence and creativity but for how down to earth she is with no airs.
Over the years my respect for her has grown almost to awe 🙂

Those early days of Covid I looked for her sketches each day and marveled at how she even got the idea!!

Thank you for sharing her with so many others who may not know her

Now about the reflection - Phoebe does a fine fine job of melding the art of science and the science of art. I like the connection back to Anand’s experiences and the underlying message of putting our heart and soul in everything we do

I am glad you ‘found’Phoebe 🧡


Thank you for an inspiring essay. I have great respect for Shubhada's accomplishments in physics/reliability modeling. Her ASME award is very well deserved. Congratulations! I also once had a chance to see her sand-art performance live, and it was astounding.

I fully agree with the Forbes article that is linked here. I have always felt that the separation between fine arts and sciences is a false one. Yes, there are certainly differences in the general approach to different fields: e.g. analytical vs. creative. The two are like the old TV show, The Odd Couple. One seems sloppy and clever. The other is usually neat and methodical, yet stiff.

But for experienced artists, there must be a keen understanding of the media, the materials, the joining of heterogenous things, dynamic interactions, causes and effects, and so on.
Meanwhile, even the strictest of scientific experiments must be founded upon creative ideas to intuit new hypotheses to be tested or or to discover solutions to apparently conflicting data. Both arts and sciences must seek to describe and express relationships; equations and musical compositions are nothing less than statements about relationships.

From prehistoric times, arts and sciences shared a common ancestor. It is the idea of "quality".

Quality is a mysterious, ancient thing that flourished before quantity became the king of modern society (quality cannot be counted easily). Quality also predates contemporary aesthetics (quality is not necessarily beautiful or obvious to see, though it often has underlying elegance in its structure or method). That is why quality is so hard to describe. Some say simply, "I know it when I see it."
But when done well, with attention and heart, both science and art are a manifestation of quality, and the doer will feel pride in the work.

Robert Pirsig wrote: "I've noticed that people who have never worked with steel have trouble seeing this—that the motorcycle is primarily a mental phenomenon. They associate metal with given shapes—pipes, rods, girders, tools, parts—all of them fixed and inviolable, and think of it as primarily physical. But a person who does machining or foundry work or forger work or welding sees "steel" as having no shape at all. Steel can be any shape you want if you are skilled enough, and any shape but the one you want if you are not."

xiomara cedillo

Wow, this is oustanding, awesome story Kuddos to You and Phoebe.
Shubhada's talent is one of a kind, very inspiring, what a great story.
happy friday and enjoy the weekend.:)


What a gifted artist! What she did for Intel’s 50th anniversary was awesome!

Prasad Vepa

I enjoyed the YT clips of Shubhada's sand art as well as your FR post very much. She is a very inspiring and multitalented woman who seamlessly and beautifully integrates art and science. A joy to see her sand art and great landscape photos. She is a great role model of an integral, renaissance person and has a great future. BTW, I'm unable to see any of the reader comments or the original FR post other than what you send me. I know I'm not doing something right on my iPhone. Perhaps you can show me my error when we meet next.
Take care!


Great to read and learn about Shubhada's multi faceted skills. It is truly rare to have both skillsets in 1 person and then to develop them to the level of being remarkable. Am sure this is inspiring for all of us to bring our non work skills to life. Great time to be an artist in this interconnected world and giving people happiness and hope amid the pandemic. Thanks to Phoebe and Anand to bring this to light for us all.

SH Wong

Wonderful 👍👍👍
Many scientists, doctors & engineers are talented in music, singing, dancing & painting too…well balanced… my neighbour who is a surgeon paints birds which he took photo of during bird watching trips, etc…


Leonardo da Vinci was the first to amalgamate science and art beautifully. Probably Shubhada is following the same path and so wonderfully. Yea


From One Reader: Nice article. Congrats on getting the CEO of Micron to your subscriber base. :).

To Reader: No this guy is not Micron CEO. He is microCEO with mega capabilities, resourcefulness and knowledge. He has been valuable contributor to Friday Reflections from Day 1 in the year 2004 by providing great insights and feedback. Dedicated reader and contributor for 17 years.


Fr- Intel Friend

I don’t know her personally, but I have seen her sand art before, it is so good, I’m totally in awe in the detail and how swiftly she goes from one perfectly sketched scene to another perfect scene all the while reusing pieces of the previous picture as a primer.

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