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January 06, 2022


Fr Danny

Very true, smile is a positive vibes and it will radiate. It is not easy and can be affected by environment. Person with such capability is indeed special. Cheers!


Love it so much, thank you for making this such an inspiration to keep looking forward to never ending smile


Very nice story Anand.


Wow it is so good to ready about such personality thanks for sharing


Brava to an everyday heroine!

"Take everything with a smile and nothing will be as bad or hard as it seems.”
- Xiomara

“Stay positive–I know sometimes it's hard to when you confront a problem or something bad, but just take it easy. Take it as it goes. God would not give you anything too hard for you to handle. Just work it out, take it as a good challenge, and be positive about it. Whatever comes, just face it. It's part of life. If it doesn’t happen the way you expect it, you’ll learn something from it.”
- Xiomara


Fr Diana

❤️❤️ Love and miss Xiomara!


I know her😊


True. Let’s smile often!


Great story… and the smiling advice is great!


Happy 2022! Many blessings to you and your family.
Thank you for the beautiful sharing and reflection…. Yes, a little smile goes a long way.


I love her story and it's very inspiring. Like her, it does not take me long to smile. No matter what the situation is, I like to think of things that make me smile. I'd rather have wrinkle from smiling than having it from frowning. My best to you Xiomara...


Her smile says it all!. I really like her attitude and it is infectious!

The best kind of person to surround ourselves with, during these tiresome Covid times.

My older son is similar. Always looking at the brighter side. He has this big charming smile and when he was in Middle school and high school our neighbors told me that when they see Nikhil smile- they feel like everything is going to be all right in the world. That to me is THE biggest complement of all.

And she remembers 150 names of folks she has worked with! I/ we all know one other person exactly like that :)


Absolutely amazing to live by this principle. It is so much harder than living a life trying to control external factors for internal happiness. I had a similar experience with my old manager. He had a smile everytime I saw him. Reminds us that a small gesture like this is way more memorable than gifts we purchase to give others. Another great article by Phoebe. It was so easy to read through the whole story.


The smile is a magnet! It's a gift that we can all aspire to posess. Thanks for the sharing and inspiration.


Thank you for sharing. What a wonderful smile and story.

This reminded me of a Chinese idiom:


Which cryptically translates into

Always wear a smile to start the day
The spring breeze on your face (aka smile) begets God of Fortune


Xia is an amazing person! An example, truly, on how to be. I'm so grateful to know her and am proud to call her my friend! This post brings back so many memorable days and conversations with Xia at the Intel RNB Cafe. She was even gracious enough to let me sit with her during her break and have lunch together. The very thought of Xia used to draw me towards the Cafe and I would be a little sad if it was not her shift. Such beautiful, memorable days. 😊

Xiomara Cedillo

Thank you all for taking the time in reading this, I really appreciate you comments and memories that some of us had at This work place that reminds me of the good old days and many many sunny days where I met lots of friends that encourage me to smile and stay positive as they came to get their meals or coffee. interacting with everyone and welcoming them was the highlight at work every day, I’m very fortunate to have some of the most awesome, genuine and kind people.


Thanks. Great reminder to smile and to be positive!


Very true! Thanks.

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