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December 23, 2021



Yes. I saw video. It’s superb πŸ‘Œ I have also enjoyed two times at Yosemite.
But not in Autum 😊

Rajan Shah

Video of Yosemite is beautiful n v nicely pictururised. Enjoyed it. Thxs for sharing.

Tino Friscic-Iceland

Merry Christmas to you and your beautiful family, dear Anand 😍 And thank you for all the good reads and weekly wisdoms of your Friday reflections 😊😍


You always have something for us. Thank You


Simply Majestic


Congrats for yr Reflation Journey πŸ‘


Wow, 15 years! πŸ™Œ


Thanks for sharing the video. This person has done a great job.
Most of the spots are familiar considering the number of times we have been to Yosemite and all weather conditions we have been there during.
This video brings it all together for me!
Merry Christmas to all of you from all of us.

Prasad Vepa

I know this is the trifecta week of celebrations for you guys!
Thanks too for sharing Gautam's spectacular Fall video of Yosemite. He captured the splendor of Fall colors very well. I see that it is very recent too.
Happy holidays to all of you!


Thanks for the Friday reflections. I will pass this on to the Carter group.
Have a good Friday.

FR My TA in College Years

Amazing video

I was thinking
This isolated senior
Though loves nature
What kinds of
Expeditions I may dare
By myself.

Thank you for your contribution.

Happy Holidays
2022 & beyond
Happy, Healthy, Humorous


Nature's Majesty! Thanks for sharing!

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