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December 02, 2021


Moore, Lee Ann



Oh so relatable! Thanks for sharing, Anand🙏

We often confuse between the implicit n explicit demands/expectations/perceptions, thanks to timeless social conditioning.

High time we first freed ourselves from our inner demons (personal attempts n conflicts always on 😉)


Nice poem. Nice representation by Luisa kaki of a lovely forest. Its depth is very inviting.

We are not human "doings"; we are human "beings" ! Let us just be, without being driven.... either by others' expectations and standards, or by our own conditioned beliefs and standards that we have absorbed from society.

Fr Taipei.

Very nice poem, very true, too.


Love this. Thanks!


Inspiring. Thanks for introducing us to Becky Hemsley

YB Lim

So true….a good reminder we need quality time be with ourselves, listen to voice from bottoms of heart and inner self…reflect

MQer-The Way We Were

I like the reflection
I love luisa’s forest photograph

The poem resonated with me for a different reason

That in the cacophony of sounds around us- nature provides a quiet that allows our thoughts to flow

I sense it even when I work in my yard - and if I am mad at my husband or about work - the one way dialogue that I have calms me down

The forest also represents someone who listens without interrupting with own opinions or platitudes


Nice poem. Thanks.


Very nice and inspiring!!! I too would just want to be alone and be with nature at times. Thanks.


Love this💕 arigato🥰


True. God’s Word encourages to please God, not please people.

Janis Sachtjen

I love connecting with nature. Exactly as Becky says, nature lets me soul breathe. Lovely poem.

Longtime Friend

I loved the poem. It’s a story of lots of women including myself in some sense. I enjoy reading Friday reflections.

Fr Prasad Vepa

Thank you Anand for sharing this latest FR post with Becky Helmsley's lovely, evocative poem. Silence and nature have the power and eloquence to speak to ardent listeners, to awaken and inspire them and to find their true Self, their strength and their voice. It's wonderful when that happens, even if it's only to a rare soul.
Loved Luisa's picture from the Alishan National Forest. Remember seeing some lovely pictures from your trip there almost two years ago.


Very nice, peaceful to read, thanks!

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