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November 04, 2021



Good to witness this harmony, for as long as the notion of "religion" is held on to, this is necessary.

To be honest though, these artificially generated differences of "religion" don't seem even worth acknowledging. These differences are not even real; neither genetic (example a difference in race) nor geographical .... again both worth ignoring and accommodating.

About these "religious" differences -
1. they feel downright synthetic, and
2. they don't even exist but in the mind.. i.e. in conditioned beliefs.

Because these differences don't even exist, it feels silly to first artificially compartmentalise, then reinforce the compartments, and then feel all nice and good about harmonising the compartments!

That is why i don't support nor am in favour of inter-religious interactions (including marriages), for to begin with, i am not in favour of the very concept of "religions" itself. If humans are perceived and respected for their human'ness.... i.e. totally disregarding all "religions" contamination, differences will be there in the first place.

How i try to perceive is, "i am not even bothered with whether you follow a 'religion' or not.. or with what 'religion' you have coloured yourself with. All that matters is whether you are in harmony with innate human'ness.... or not. And the less coloured you are with 'religion', the more transparent and closer to Divinity (God) you are." 🙏

My intention is not in the least to tread on anybody's toes or to hurt any sentiments. Yet if my words feel incisive to anybody, I sincerely apologise. 🙏


Rectification in 5th para....

* ....differences will >> not << be there in the first place.

Old Intel  Cavite Colleague-

Really needed in managing high diverse group


I agree with your FR post today. Diversity is a part of the secret sauce that enhances creativity and the collective wisdom of teams. Though I lived in A’bad for over 4 years and visited the Gandhi Ashram a few times, I never noticed the beautiful quote you referenced.

humble warrior


Bahman Moallem

Good to hear from you and happy Diwali

'The earth is but one country and mankind its citizens'

All the best,

Fr Silicon Valley Guy

The responder Sujat reflects my opinions exactly. We always seem to forget all religions are human constructs which create the divisions in the first place.

Mary Abel

Happy Diwali … there is hope for the world …. Humanity needs humanity ♥️

All the best!!


Great memory, Anand. I was also lucky to be in Penang a few years back right around the time of Diwali. Was very impressed to see a true multi cultural experience. Our differences are made with a purpose from God above. He has specific goals for each of our lives. When we live in harmony, there is peace. Personally, I can see that from a year back in some areas.


You said it well, Silicon Valley Guy!

I totally agree. First creating partitions and compartments among humans (i.e. excluding humans through purely notional ideas like "religions"), also reinforcing them, and then making an issue of including/integrating/harmonising them!! 😊

The very idea of creating a belief-driven boundary/compartment is an act of excluding the rest. And excluding is in essence, an act of violence. Much different from keeping someone (or more) at bay due to oppressive, infiltrative, or other criminal behaviour (often driven by religious sentiment) which humankind has been unfortunately witnessing all over the world.

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