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November 18, 2021



Nice article! Heartily agree that of leaving one’s workplace in good terms is an excellent practice and that Anand is exceptional in how he handled it.


Wonderful...this is one of my favourite posts so far ❤

Mary Abel

Wonderful reflection this week! I am always amazed at the images, collages videos and overall collection of images Anand puts together. They are wonderful works of art! Thank you!

Former Support Staff

A well written good read with a few memories encapsulated from various people's pasts. Keep writing!


Excellent guide line when you leave a job or school or college or any field with healthy relations with everyone.

humble warrior

Awesome take, keep them coming!

HighSchool Friend

It is beautifully written and very well responded by many. Anand, you have learned the lessons of life, internalized it, and given commendable presentation. I almost don’t miss reading your FR. Over the period, I know each one has a point to make in a subtle way. I like that style. Please continue this simple pleasures of weekly routine.


Excellent take on "final destination" vs. "period of transition." They're all periods of transition if you decide to be a life-long learner. Thanks for a great article.


Completely agree. In fact I have so many memorable experiences with Anand. Until I met Anand, I barely used to read books. After spending some time with him, I started reading and learning from others. Also, I remember the extra effort he took to share his memories as he left the workplace.

You are absolutely right to think about our Life as different seasons of a drama in Netflix. Each season has its string of surprises and challenges. But as we learn and grow through these experiences, we live our Life purpose of being valuable to others. Looking forward to your next :)


first off, i love your writing style! secondly, i wholeheartedly agree with what you have written here. today was my last day at a preschool that i’ve worked at for the last few months. i want to be an elementary school teacher, so working with kids for this time has been an immersive experience into learning about how i can best guide them and interact with them. i’ve learned so much from my coworkers, who are seasoned teachers that have modeled prime examples of what a good teacher should do. i’ve loved my work for the last few months, but it’s now time to move on. i start college in a month, and i couldn’t be more excited.

saying goodbye to the kids and my coworkers was hard today, but i know that i’ll always treasure the experiences and lessons that i have gotten from them. i also know that in college i will have new experiences and learned different lessons, and i’m ready to go dive into my next venture.

this was a great article which gave wonderful advice! keep up the fantastic work Phoebe <3

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