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November 23, 2021



Great story about being a leader to the team and fans! Thanks for sharing this inspirational story. I read an inspirational quote this week " People do not crave suffering, but they crave for things that create suffering". Buster chose to be the exception among his peers and not craving for more fame and fortune but to look at life of what else it could be.


What a good man!


True Leader in every role of Life.

Cousin from Manhattan

Happy Thanksgiving Pre-edition! Thank you for all your inspiring notes every week.

FR Sujat

I like this! Superb statement as the point to ponder by Joe DiMaggio! Thank you.


Another point I want to emphasize that I didn't really talk about in the article was how much attention Buster paid to the individual needs and styles of each pitcher. This is something a lot of his old teammates, especially the pitchers, have emphasized repeatedly when discussing his retirement, and another important aspect of leadership that I think I would be remiss not to acknowledge--know your team, know their strengths, and know how to work with each person individually in order to achieve the best results.

Friend from AZ

Even though we're not giants fans, we've always liked and respected buster posey. A guy that has always 'done it right'.


Happy thanksgiving to you too. Thank you for the articles. They are always uplifting and meaningful

humble warrior


Prasad Vepa

I liked Phoebe's FR post very much. The qualities she described in Buster Posey are the very definition of character - integrity, humility, dedication, perseverance and putting the team ahead of oneself- that Posey modeled so well to inspire others in any field of endeavor. It takes enormous self awareness to walk away from the pinnacle of success to less giddy duties of caring for the family and putting them ahead of his own stellar career. My congrats to her for this well-written post.

Cari Shim

Catching this article late. Buster was a much admired man and thank you for bringing out the leadership traits that made him so admired. Great read!

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