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October 07, 2021


FR team

Thanks very much for this inspiring poem, exactly what I needed today as my enthusiasm waned because life doesn’t move as fast as I would like to move.

This is planting time, toiling in soil and ensuring all the nutrients are in the ground is as important as picking the fruit from the tree at the perfect harvest time 

I love your showcase…moments that show a glimpse of your triumphs in corp America.

See you soon…
Posted by: from CR Pal | May 29, 2015 at 09:22 AM

I love this Friday reflection. Come to think's exactly what my husband is going through ^_^ May those hold on to their perseverance prevail!!!

Posted by: Friend from Malaysia | May 31, 2015 at 10:14 PM


Thank you for this very useful post, Anandkaka. 🙏

Its essence applies not only to work related success, but to fruition in endeavours to overcome situations too, external as well as internal. I am referring to what I am working on.

This post is really what I need. Thank you.

Childhood  Classmate.

My reflection...When the harvest time arrives one should be thankful to the soil, the water and everything that made it possible to don't want to again get trapped into the feeling of ' I ' who did it .... the biggest self-nurturer and a self-killer


Thank you for sharing, a reminder to all 🙏

Humble warrior

Well this was timely, thank you

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