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September 09, 2021



Good reminder for all of us about reality that most of cosmos is empty so we are insignificant as someone inside this speck of blue dot.


Today’s reflection is very humbling.


My father first introduced me to the writings of Carl Sagan (I remember skimming through "Cosmos" and also "Broca's Brain" on his desk). I developed a great respect for Sagan and his teachings (especially this quoted book "Pale Blue Dot" and "The Demon Haunted World"). He was one of my original "triumvirate of intellectual saints", of my boyhood: Isaac Asimov, Richard Feynman, and Carl Sagan.

Sagan spoke broadly on the historical development and importance of science through the ages...including but not limited to Astronomy, which was his specialty. His early research focused on the atmosphere of Venus, and this contributed to his theory that Venus once enjoyed a more temperate climate, but a runaway greenhouse effect turned it into the hostile environment that exists there today.
And yet, Sagan predicted that microbial life might still exist on Venus (above the dense clouds of CO2), and recent research seems to confirm it, too.
Sagan, like my other saints Asimov and Feynman, was a master storyteller, and he knew that the science research needs to be weaved into stories that inspire the imagination and the support of the public at large. His Cosmos TV series, and his golden record project, both in collaboration with Ann Druyen, set wonderful examples for all of us working in fields of science and technology.
I was recently involved in a planetarium animation project regarding the Japanese space probe mission Hayabusa-2, and the producers fully understood this need to project a heroic, romantic story, as Sagan and Druyen did.

Regarding the message of Pale Blue Dot, it goes without saying that this is more relevant than ever. It is often our tribal conflicts that can prevent or slow the progress of civilization, even placing our long-term survival in question. Our way forward has to be through mutual respect and choosing peace over war (as much as possible) and rationality/science over falsifiable beliefs and untested assumptions.


Hope we collectively wake up and treasure our planet and each other.


I think a good moral character is the no.1 asset to have. It's our guide to think deeply what is the right, better way to live in harmony wt ourselves, others ,n wt nature in this beautiful,wonderful Earth of ours ..


Humility is the only rational response to an understanding of the universe.

humble warrior

When you zoom out like that it really puts it into perspective doesn't it... Thank God we hit the planet lottery... thank you for sharing

Friend since KG

Let's celebrate our insignificance with mutual kindness. Thanks for sharing! I had seen this so long ago. Enjoyed the revisit.

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