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September 16, 2021


Sharad Mehta

3 & 5 are different.


No. 5. Tail


#3 doesn't have a chubby nose. Fun puzzle with deeper meaning🙂 Thanks!

Nir Tivon

None the same! #1 no white dot on nose. #2 missing toe on front left leg. #3 no line between eyes. #5 no line on tail. #6 no line above mouth. #7 no line above back left leg. #8 no hair on top of head.

Quality Guy

#1 does not have a spot on its nose; #2 has a different front left paw; #3 does not have an arc below it's eyes; #5 does not have a mark on its tail; #6 does not have a vertical line from it's nose to it's mouth; #7 does not have an arc on it's hind leg, #8 does not have "bumps" on its head.


3 & 5 seems to be different


Its amazing to see the answers to be different as well :) We all have built through experiences (especially the one which caused us the most challenge) empathy and resilience to help solve that problem in the world. As Jay Shetty mentions when passion meets with a world problem to solve, it becomes purpose. From a work perspective, we can celebrate our unique gifts to bring something different about us to the team. It will be more memorable than one would think.

humble warrior

they are all different like us :)

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