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August 05, 2021


MC- Singapore

Love your seven values! Thanks!


Thank you for sharing your invaluable reflections, I have learned a lot my self.🙏


Thank you for your dedication to inspiring others.

William Mackenzie

I still treasure the learnings from those conversations with you and your family in the early-mid 1990' long ago but words of wisdom for life that I passed onto my children

Retired Quality Guy

Happy anniversary and thanks for providing your reflections for us to ponder over the years.


“A good heart is a universal key that opens the door of the unthinkable gate of goodness”
― Ernest Agyemang Yeboah


Love it!!!! I like what you just quoted..

In my own word, I like to make a difference in everyone no matter how small it is...

Pulao Penang-Entrepreneur

Thank you for doing Friday reflections. It’s the little pointers that made me stop n think… amazing that you’ve had this running for 16 years


Long live kindness to each other, and constant inspiration to outdo ourselves!


Nice. Still remember that training in Starhub centre…

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