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August 12, 2021



Reminds me of the lesson from fifth grade poem about blind men and the elephant. They touched different parts of the elephant and assumed that the whole animal looked different. They could spend arguing and yelling about who is right. Bottomline, they were all wrong. Someone had to look at the whole thing to realize it was an elephant.

SMVM Friend

True , I also heard that elliphant story


Stop trying to "learn" from social media. It is disconnected from reality, by design.

MC- Singapore

Fully agreed. Another example is climate change. We are mostly not aware of the consequences of our actions on the climate.

David Maloney

This podcast explains the thinking. Scientists have been warning us for years about the looming threat of a warming planet. And yet it’s really hard for many of us to wrap our minds around this existential challenge. Why is that? This week, we bring you a favorite episode about why our brains struggle to grasp the dangers of global climate change.

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