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August 19, 2021



Good point. History is full of stories where source of conflict was power. Wish people knew to focus on their spiritual power than what their ego tells them as the source from outside.


Thank you for your reflection/reminder on what is going around in many parts of the World. May there is peace and killings would stop.

Back to Square One

I had heard the song after coming to US in 70s but never knew it was written in 1962 in reference to the Vietnam war.

We are back to the same time


Maybe now people will think better after this fiasco. Lucky us, our leader hv more sense than to be duped by these so called superior leaders frm .....,,,country

Pulao Penang

A very nice song. We sang thus song during our younger days in school n college..
Lyrics certainly very meaningful


Thanks for sharing your thoughts! I really like your blog and the content because they have a lot of positive energy.


Beautiful song from my dad's favourite singer/songwrier. Personally, I prefer Leonard Cohen but Dylan wrote some great songs and this is surely one of them 😊😍

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