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July 08, 2021


Singapore Friend

There wasn’t much that I remember about my first important job interview but I remember feeling pretty good afterwards. The manager was kind and gave me questions that I can handle.


Completely agree with the premise that people remember how they felt after meeting you more than anything else. One tip I learnt about interview is to look positive much before the handshake as the interviewer sees you first from far and already made his or her judgement about you. Secondly, I have realized that memory is not a reliable thing. We have a lot of holes in our memory and fill it as we please. So, best is to write things down especially for reflections.

FE Japan

Interesting questions! I only applied to Intel, the first and only company I worked for. I was interviewed by my first boss. The only question I remember was what was my favorite subject in college, he he. He was a good boss and we’re friends until today. I would still see him during family vacations in the US where his family is based now. 😊

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