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July 15, 2021



Great homage to your father who gave the wisdom of life


This all is refreshing and inspiring! Keep it up, Anandkaka! 😊


Loved clip no 3 ….. LOL … you seem to have enjoyed every second 😉


This time only I can recon. You may be with Mrs.Anand but lovely places you are going enjoying life king size love it man this is the way to enjoy keep it up😃


From your latest homemade dancing videos, you have made a drastic improvement. For that, I give you a B+. Cheers!


Live life king size with no inhibitions!! Wonderful videos and such an inspiring words of wisdom from your parents. Indeed he is so very proud of you.

I remember my very first performance was with your parents. They encouraged my singing at a very early age.

Former MQ Arizona

Very true. Sometimes if you let yourself overthink what you want to do it makes you more nervous but having a just do it attitude and giving all you got gives you a very satisfying achievement that you wouldn't have achieved if you're still stucked in the question "should I do it?" Anand I love it and thanks for sharing!

Shardamandir Friend

Anand really you enjoyed yr life with full joy any where any time dancing singing And even in gardening
👌👌👍👍👍👍thumsup to banata hai!


Phenomenal!😊👏👏👏 It’s very nice to see that you were enjoying without caring for what others might think! 👍👍

Remembering our childhood.

That is what makes one who you are … be who you are … appear as you are . Enjoy what you enjoy doing without the fear of being judged ever . Was lovely watch you do just that

SMVM friend

I wish I was not crowd shy. Great dancing, Anand. Keep it up.

humble warrior!

you father is def proud... you a re a LEGEND my friend!

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