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June 18, 2021


Sharon Johnston

Andy was the fire. Gordon was the heart. And Bob was the soul of the Intel triumvirate. After his Memorial service, I remember standing in the courtyard in front of RNB, and watching Bob’s jet do a flyover. He crammed so much into his years on this Earth - and encouraged everyone to do the same. He continues to inspire.


Thanks for sharing Anand. I haven’t met Bob obviously, but stories about him are really inspiring.

Larren Olson

I too met Mr Noyce once, he left quite an impression on me.

Lee Ann Moore

Excellent post and tribute.




Thanks for sharing this inspiring story of legendary leader Bob Noyce. He exemplified what visionary leadership is all about: a clear vision and passionate dedication to a future direction, an ability to articulate that vision, galvanize and rally the whole organization and modeling sound values rooted in integrity, courage and humility implementing it.


Wow! Thanks for your personal account of Tobert Noyce!


Role Model example of "vidya vinayen shobhate"
Thank you for this reflection and tribute

Fr Childhood Friend

These kind of people build this country. Very inspiring.


Very inspiring and uplifting..thanks, Anand.


A truly inspiring life.

Neighbor Carol

We Americans and indeed the world have benefited from this home grown talented yet personable pioneer giant of the hi tech world. On a personal level, we are so grateful that his wife Ann Bowers started and/or supervised a memorial college scholarship fund in his name, of which our oldest daughter was one of the recipients. (She was graduating from Homestead High School, the same high school that Steve Jobs attended. 👩🏻‍🎓)
Thanks, Anand, for providing this platform that I can express my utmost gratitude and paying tribute to both Mr. & Mrs. Noyce. Their legacy continues!

Destined Friends

Beautiful person

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