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June 11, 2021



Having observed this person’s work and attitudinal characters for last two years, there is enough stories for a book. He very well demonstrates seven values on which Friday Reflections stories are based upon.


This is very nice. Thank you for sharing. πŸ™

I have learnt over the years that skills and talent can be sourced with reasonable search, compensated for, or even replaced; but integrity, ethics and dedication cannot be.


This is the great insight of a true people leader. You focused on the quality of work and commitment and also believed that there is a lack of high quality workers. This mindset is critical. The alternative philosophy is that people are all replaceable and there is a over supply of great people. In my experience, this latter belief is flawed and not based in reality and also makes one lose good high caliber employees.


Absolutely right strategy. Keep them happy, you will be rewarded with good work.


very nice story!

Shardamandir Friend

If u have high level of different types of educational knowledge than there is no need of Just a Degree

Santosh ( contended)

Positive people attack positive good people πŸ‘

Lee Ann

What a touching post. Love it and love finding people like that.


He is truly a remarkable person. I thoroughly enjoyed conversing with him when he did our gutter cleanup.


It’s a blessing that you got to know him and his values that are worth emulating. 😊

Pulao Penang

A person of remarkable character. πŸ‘


Seldom you can find a truly remarkable and dedicated person to work. I hate to be biased but I noticed that a lot of younger workers don't seem to be more dedicated. They don't even stick to one job. They hopped from job to job thinking that this is good for them. Then money is all they cared about. I applaud the worker you indicated on your reflection. He is a gem...


Wow! What a beautiful person and what a beautiful insight..I totally agree with the line..your work is your dad says the same thing and makes sure the stamp is visible in every field rather than only the work that has been assigned..thank you for sharing this!

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