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April 01, 2021



Very inspirational in video. So nice when kids are given the opportunity to education. Now I wish I was young again and be the inspiration.


What a beautiful idea. ♥️


Beautiful people living out their beautiful dreams helping these kids who will in turn help their community and world! Wow!


Amazing idea and execution. Great systems thinkers. I read their plans on the website. Can beat a lot of our presentations and how they transformed all problems into opportunities. Thanks for sharing this to world. I am sure we can help them with some resources.


I love the idea of employing the older students to mentor the younger ones. Bravo.


Yes, Anand. Very inspiring FR. Love the way they solved the problem, fixing it from the source, getting older kids to become tutor and earn money.

humble warrior

absolutely incredible... what great hearts the founders have to serve others... and the willing students who want to change the world... very compelling, real world values to live by

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