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April 08, 2021



Congratulations to Analisa and Dave. Thanks Anand for sharing your joy with everybody!

micro CEO

Congratulations! It is wonderful to see these photos, both old and new. Thank you so much for sharing!


Congratulations to Dave and best wishes to Analisa!

Well Wishers (email and FB)

1. Analisa, So happy to see your wedding photos posted at Friday Reflections. Congratulations and send my rbest wishes to Dave as well.
Best regards,KK Chee (Ken Chee)

2. "Lovely. Congratulations!" Brian

3. our heartiest congrats on analisa's wedding... she looks like an angel and the couple look a perfect pair.... please pass on our congratulations to both of them... Ronak and Namrata

4. Congratulations again! Thanks for sharing the lovely photos. I can see all smiles and every one is happy. I am also happy for all of you esp Analisa and Dave. Pls convey my best wishes to them. Thanks. Rgds, shw.

John McMahon

Anand - Great pictures and congratulations to Analisa and Dave ! You rightly look like a very proud father.

Notes from friends to Anand

1. Congratulations Anand!

What a beautiful daughter and wedding. You look most distinguished. But more than that, I love the feeling of joy and connection. You are a lucky man, with a lucky daughter. A father’s visible love is the most important gift a daughter can ever be given as it is her foundation for live and self esteem. Thank you for sharing this. J

2. Congratulations Anand on your daughter’s wedding! AJ


A very beautiful young lady.


What a joyous occasion for your family, Anand! Thank you for sharing the wonderful pictures. May the lovely couple have a lifetime of happiness together.

Bipin Shah

Anand and Luisa:
Our congratulations to both of you and particularly to Analisa for a great wedding in a lovely setting. Thanks for sharing your joy with Rekha and I. It felt good to be with some of the people I had not seen in years!

Zhicong (FB)

Congratulations! I have a 7 year old daughter, so will have a same experience as you. Seen from the pictures, the father's hair becomes white while the girl is growing up. A father loves his daughter forever, it is always true before or after she flies out of the nest."


Lovely parents of the lovely bride and bridegroom.. was lovely to see the pictures and Analisa sure looked gorgeous .. and there is a very very happy look on everyone's faces... wishing you guys the best..

Boon Seng

Congratulations! What a wonderful and romantic wedding reception…

By the way, I also see a very happy “father” 


Nicely Written. Great Photos. Congratulations.
Do send my regards to Analisa and Dave, beauty couple.


Hello Anand Uncle,
Would like to congratulate you on your Daughter - Analisa's wedding.
Best Wishes for the couple.
Regards, Sahil A Deora
"We cannot change the cards we are dealt, just how we play the hand." - Randy Pausch


Congratulations, and thanks for sharing this wonderful moment of your life


BTW, below reflection is just your story…you must be proud at the same time sorry to let her go out of your world 


Congratulations to your daughter’s wedding, She is so beautiful. I am sure that you are very proud of her.

Thanks for sharing and sending me the Friday Reflections: which I have been learning and enjoying from it.

Take care and all the best!


Congratulations! And thanks for sharing the old and new photos.. they tell a story of a proud father.

Hideki Yoshinaga

Congratulations to Anand and Luisa. Thank you very much for sharing wonderful pictures. Analisa is so beautiful. Best wishes to Analisa and Dave!

Khay Inn

Congratulations!!! The last 2 photos are really cool.. before then and now. I like it. Regards, Khay Inn


Congratulations. what a lovely couple.


Congratulations on the wedding…nice pictures!


A happy, proud, and sad day all at the same time.

Sad because you want them to be yours always and not have to share them with anyone else. At least this is the way I feel about my kids.



Congratulations to Analisa and Dave on your wedding! I remember first meeting Analisa when she was a toddler in Papa's arms. Now I am a father of a 10 yr old daughter and am also looking forward to one day experiencing the same joy.

Anand and Luisa, you've done a wonderful job raising a beautiful daughter.

Email messages

1. very touching!! What a beautiful daughter!! Frank

2. Wow! Nice photos of a beautiful bride and her proud dad.  Chester

3. WOW.

4. Beautiful daughter, thanks for sharing!Mary


Nice photos of your daughter's wedding. I am sure it was a happy time for everyone.

Shruti and Piyush

Dear Anand and Luisa

Congratulations to both of you. Please convey our best wishes to Analisa and Dave. It is always great to have an adiition of a son to the family.

With lots of love
Shruti and Piyush

Yoko and Nob

Dear Anand and Luisa,

Congratulations on your daughter's wedding!
Analisa is so beautiful with Dave. How lovely she is!
Nob and I are wishing them a happy and peaceful marriage life.

We Japanese are still struggling with a natural disaster and a man-made monster called radiation. We are most grateful to the people in the world for their aid. At the same time, we are very sorry to horrify them with radiation still now. It is very depressing.

I miss you. I hope the day will come to see you and your family.
Please give my best regards to all of your family.
Take care and keep in touch.


urmil desai

Thanks for sharing those beautiful wedding pictures with us. Please pass on our congratulations and best wishes to Analisa and Dave. Similarly congratulation goes to you and Luisa too on achieving that one of the major milestone of your life as a parent of Analisa for the “Kanyadaan”, which as you know, what they say about in our Hindu culture …..“The ritual of Kanya Daan is considered very auspicious in Hindu religion. It is a very pious and dutiful ritual which is said to bring fortune as well as relief from the sins for the bride’s parents.. Kanyadaan means when the father hands over all his rights and duties towards his daughter to her prospective groom. This way the father gives her daughter as a gift to the groom. As per tradition, groom is considered a form of Lord Vishnu. Thus, presenting him gifts is deemed as the greatest honor for the parents of the bride. As a result, they offer their daughter to the groom, who is their most cherished gift. As a symbol of acceptance, the groom touches the right shoulder of the bride, promising to take care of her and holding her responsibility”


Arun Trivedi

My dear Anand,Please convey our best wishes for a happy married life, to young couple
Mama,mami,Anish and Vineeta
The computer has started after 45 days Arun Trivedi


Dear Anand @ Luisa,

We trust this will find all of you in excellent health and very busy for the preparation of Analisa’s Wedding.

Both myself and Vinookaki are indeed very much thankful to you all for the kind invitation to attend the function and How we wish it was possible for us to be present and share your Joy and happiness. Nevertheless, please accept our
Heartiest congratulations and convey our best wishes to Anna and David for very long, happy and prosperous
Married life.

We both pray Almighty with our folded hands that He may Shower His choicest Blessings on the newly married couple.

Shaileshkaka and Sheelakaki has also asked me to convey their Blessings to Anna & David. We all are OK here.

Please Remember and give our humble respects to Nalinibhabhi and Lola.We all are OK here.

With lots of Love<><>Shishirkaka and Vinookaki..


Beautiful day for a beautiful couple. =)


Congratulations! I didn’t know your daughter just got married. They are a very good looking couple. I wish them the best, happiness, health and all. Regards,


Many congratulations to the Father of the Bride!!!!

Very beautiful photos- thanks for sharing them on Friday Reflections.
Wishing Analisa and Dave much happiness together.


Costa Rican friend

AHH I did see this email come through but I couldn’t read it, not because of the large number for accumulated emails but because I knew I instantly would cry.

Daughters and fathers are bound by a very special bond, in the best cases these bonds are the ones that evolves humanity… if a father does his duty the daughter will grow up to trust another man and perhaps give continuity to the greatness of the human race.

And on that 2nd part is where my emotions are difficult to control.

Luisa look stunning, and you striking…for the bride and groom I have no words.

You will love this new phase of life, enjoy it!


What a beautiful pictures and Happy 10th Wedding Anniversary! Analisa was 3 years old the first time I met her in the Philippines and in 1995 when I came to America, she was already 12 years old. We got along so well and thank you for the love and for sharing your room. I was able to watched all those teen shows 😂 Thank you for all beautiful memories especially your wedding day! Thank you for having me and Samantha for being part of that wonderful day! Congratulations!!!!

Future 25

I can’t believe it’s been 10 years already!! Congratulations!!!


Beautiful article. Brought tears to my eyes.

Young Entrepreneur

Oh I love that song - butterfly kisses. Even till today, I tear up at the part when he sings “she’ll change her name today...”. Every single time. 🥲


Beautiful! Ten years already!!!


Letting them go, to seek their own Paradise. Your love instilled in them is the only currency they'll need. So beautiful! So blessed! Anyone would salivate at such beauty & happiness! Bravo Anand & Luisa👏

kuldip shodhan

Very nice handsome couple and proud families
Best luck ahead

Pragna trivedi

Very nice couple and lucky family.your daughter is so pretty.thanks for sharing


Very nice Friday reflections-to share happiness...thanks, Anand.

The Good Earth ( AT)

Lovely heartwarming pictures of you and your daughter posted yesterday. It is fortunate for her you have a very big heart.


Oh this is so beautiful! How, day by day, our children’s growing up and growing into themselves. Photos bring back such wonderful memories. Thanks for sharing this!


Always your baby girl. Happy Anniversary to Analisa and Dave. Just beautiful.


You are such a sweet father Tito :) Dave and Analisa, more anniversaries to come. God bless your whole family po :) Regards to tita Luisa, Analisa, Rajiv and their families po. I miss the kids :)

humble warrior

Eye's are watering over here! So happy for you guys! Congrats and to many more! Blessed!

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