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March 04, 2021



Probably the most popular and well made Korean mini-serious in recent memory. Korean pride. I watched it on DVD dubbed and subtitled in Cantonese for the Hong Kong and overseas Chinese market. Loved it: audience young and old, all went wild. We just enjoyed the wholesome, never-a-dull-moment entertainment value with great actors, storyline, directing, and high budget production with gorgeous costumes, etc. You took this as a deeper lesson to ponder to a whole different and higher level. Kudos, Anand!

Neighborhood Friend

Thank you Anand. Very timely.I was thinking of what should I tell my daughter. And this came as God's own voice.


I loved "The Jewel in the Palace"! Watch it at least twice and still have the DVDs on our bookshelves. It's a wonderful story of how the human spirit prevail, and succeeded in spite of all the hardships and difficulties.

K-11 classmate

Superb. I saw the video too . The actress is looking very innocent. When you make up your mind , then nobody can stop you achieve the goal


Wow, what a story! Now I’m curious about the series, Anand! 🙂

SC3 Veteran

Happy Friday Anand☺ you are right on, Jewel in the Palace, was my all-time favorite Korean Drama.
I guess you are doing well, enjoying slow daily routine with loved ones around you!

Shardamandir Friend

Inspiration story

Former MQ team member

I've learned so much from your wisdom Anand and have been applying all the concepts learned into everyday life. Thanks for sharing.

Lee Ann Moore

Another beautiful thought for our Friday. Thank you Anand for once again brining great things into our life.

Elizabeth Wu

“The Jewel in the Palance” is my very first Korean TV series that i watched and also my number 1 favorite, I was fascinated with how they served the foods and became interested on the Historical Story

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