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March 29, 2021



A legend who’s made and left his mark, enriching Silicon Valley culture and us commoners alike!

Steven Kim

Thanks for sharing your insights! I had so much respect for him. No wonder there are so many leaders who came out of Intel during his time.


Never met Andy but have heard a lot of good things about him!


I never had a personal conversation with him, but I loved hearing him speak. He changed the course of my career at least 3 times.

From Shardamandir Friend

Interesting article. I liked this article.
Andy had inspirational qualities. Thank you for sharing.


Thanks for sharing this story about Andy Grove. It affirms what I heard and read about him. He still inspires long after he is gone!

Old Timer

What an amazing memory, Anand
Wonderful tribute to a legend as well !

humble warrior

This man took curiosity to another level! Love it, what a stud!

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