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February 25, 2021



Ready made toys are spoon fed stuff. Shows general prosperity but less valuable for developing the child's creativity. Signs of the times.

Shardamandir Friend

Superb creativity 👏👏


What a great idea


Love this !!!!

Maybe I'm Just Getting to be an Old (get off my lawn) Curmudgeon

When I was growing up, we had a mix of things to work with: the "pre-made" store-bought fad of the month stuff - if you could afford it, and the pile off stuff in the drawer with bits and pieces that you made things with out of your imagination.

Today, at least in the USA, most of the things children are given are the premade fad of the month club "toys" under the guise of "children specific"; "gender-specific"; and/or "pre-set 'educational' use".

Does anyone remember when Legos was just a box with a pile of parts and you made what YOU wanted to make? Now, Legos come in pre-designed packages for specific end uses. Yes, a child can still take those items apart and make new things, but now the design box tells you what it should be. Does this stifle creativity?.


Thanks for sharing Anang... hopefully, I get to visit these islands too... I sure like to explore....

JL- A lifelong Friend

This is such a wonderful reflection. Having grown up in a poor farm family, I thoroughly enjoyed most all the things nature and sadly other more affluent humans discarded. Self made toys and explorations filled my days. Sadly, today, so many families think the way to raise a child is through a very structured, technology stuffed, pre-fabricated daily routine. Nature and its free wealth of learning opportunities goes to the wayside . I have vivid memories of my daughter and the neighborhood kids playing with discarded boxes; forts made of old sheets constructed all around the house; totally ruining clothes by playing in mud puddles in the backyard when we were remodeling...


The creativity of children (and adults who choose to challenge themselves) is unbounded, infinite.
In contrast the resources we have on Earth are increasingly limited, as the population grows, the developing nations modernize, and consumerism continues to expand as if limits don't exist. Surely, we, humanity, limit our maximum potential as a civilzation by exploiting each other rather than embracing cooperation and fairness.

Yet, we've certainly reached a point at which even the staunchest deniers of anthropomorphic climate change are coming around...
As engineers, mankind has found ingenious ways to modify, synthesize, and extract many different materials. We have superb solutions based on exotic materials. Mother nature works differently. She basically designs everything from the same basic organic materials. Nearly everything is completely recycled (not merely "recyclable") in nature. We think we are in control of nature with our impressive factories, megafarms of monocrops, hydroelectric dams (zero carbon, but only at the expense of disrupting entire ecosystems). We can build new things and improve them, much, much faster than Mother Earth who counts in centuries of evolution and eons of geology.
But at this rate, we will be gone in a few centuries, while planet Earth chugs along unceasingly. Humanity may be just a flash in her pan. Brilliant yes, but short-lived. Clever but not quite wise grasp the meaning of Aesop's fable of the tortoise and the hare.


Thanks Anand for sharing the story of the joy of Siem Reap children’s creativity! Indeed resourcefulness is as important if not more so than resources!

Beth Wu

Children are so awesome creates treasure from their imagination

Entrepreneur from Penang

This is great. This unlimited, open-ended play. Child-led play.It’s just amazing.

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