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February 04, 2021


Harshvir Singh


It gives a whole new positive direction to thoughts and beliefs...


"Whether you think you can or you think you can't, you're right." - Henry Ford


In way that is what happened in March from COVID hit and people emptied the syper market


Indeed this self-fulfilling prophecy happens frequently in life. It's interesting how expectation influence the outcome. So I guess it's important to be positive.

Shardamandir Friend

When we predict something & comes true it’s called( એને જીભે કાળો તલ છે) 😁😁


For discussion purposes only.

Is the carson story an example of self-fullfilling prophecy?

In my mind, a self fulfilling prophecy is one that comes from me and i look at the outcome solely with respect to what i had predicted.

Carson was a very influential celebrity and thus was able to control behavior of others just as stop the steal and trump.
In my mind, at least, this is what advertisers do to manipulate the masses.
Carson did it inadvertently while trump had nepherious motives.
To me self fulfilling prophecy would be me thinking that I won’t do well on a test. And i distract myself while studying with that negativity instead. Consequently, i fail the test. And i fulfill my prophecy.

Just Seeking your opinion. You are way more learned than i am on these topics.


humble warrior

Covid has brought many of these examples indeed... and thank you for the book recommendations as well!


Recently, I came across a talk which highlighted that our brain is designed to be a predicting machine. Just like any machine, it is Garbage iN, Garbage GO. So, in a sense we have a power to choose what future we want to believe. Then we will find a way to make it happen. I am training myself now, not to get carried away if my mind wants to look at problem only.


Law of universal attraction: positive results are attracted to positive thoughts.😎

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