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December 31, 2020



Happy New Year to all the FR Readers. Glad that you reached out to Jon for mentorship and then sharing with us during our journey at work. Your lessons were taught with humility which we were able to internalize easily.

Ken Yee (Former Quality Guy)

Happy New Year. I remember Jon well. He was a very down to earth person. He used to join us, a group or recent college grads, at the lunch table in the cafeteria and shoot the breeze to get to know us better. After he took over as the Corporate Q&R leader in the late 80's, he would invite all the Arizona site Q&R members over to his home for his annual Christmas Party. Although he was several grade levels above the rank and file employees, he was well liked and respected, because he treated everyone with equal respect.

High School Friend

One cannot change his/her past but if it can help change someone's future, then the, “Things that are given away are never lost.” Very true


Great reflection

SH Wong from Malaysia (message posted by FR team)

I also worked for Jon during my 6 to 7 months assignment in Arizona. He Is a fantastic boss encouraging me all the time. When I met with a problem, he helped me immensely ... thx 🙏🙏🙏


Intel was lucky to have both of you, getting along so well and thus working synergistically. Happy New Year!


I am intrigued by how the lady got your request across at the meeting.. in jest.

"The most profound lesson I learned from Jon is that sharing our failures is not a weakness. It is a strength when we learn from failures and when they motivate others to persevere."

Vulnerability is a sign of strength. 🙏


Thank you for you Friday reflections, miss your stories when we were at Intel
God bless you and your family!

Raymond C Pineda

Looking forward to a better 2021!!!

@Anand - Out-of-the-box thinking as always. My first introduction to Jon Slusser was his signature on a plaque received in 1994 (while working in a different division), and that plaque was the only one that I kept hanging at all the subsequent cubicles that I occupied.

@Ken Yee - You are still a High Quality Guy!

@Char - I miss walking by your old desk to grab a mini-chocolate from your candy jar.


Wow, thanks for sharing! I do remember Jon as a very inspiring leader!

Student Of Yours

It is so true: "Things that given away are never lost", this quote has been guiding me in my personal and professional life. The feeling of sharing what I have learned with others and seeing the learning got passed along is so full filling. Life is all about when you look back, how many people you have touched and enabled to be successful...this is what we call live your life to fullness! We all know who is our role model of this :).

Thank you Anand and also for writing this FR at the right time (the new year) to remind us on what is important in 2021!

Happy New Year!

Singaporean Friend

It’s wonderful to learn from a buddy like Jon precious lessons. I can see that you’ve been living what he’s shared with you. Bravo!


You are very fortunate to have found a true mentor on day -1. I wished I had one in my early life to guide me through challenges .

Fred Neal

Jon and Anand were clearly the best two managers/mentors/friends I had the pleasure to know at Intel. They influenced my life is a positive way. Thanks to both of these great people. Fred Neal

John McMahon

Anand, Jon has been a great mentor to many. You and I included. A truely great leaders who you could learn from and was very giving of advice an experience. His only expectation was fair > "no whining" :-)

GSM Colleague

As always, very insightful and inspirational!!


Thank you for sharing this story - the power of connections and paying it forward. Happy New Year!


You're lucky U met n worked wt a good,wise person... N he's lucky you're a dwn to earth intelligent person like for's like this.." Learn from every situations..." 🐬


This is what one would say "A life lived by enriching others" and you certainly have through FR.

Most definitely mine and, it has brought us closer to each other 🤗

What you give is never lost!!

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