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December 06, 2020



thank you for sharing this inspiring story.

humble warrior

wow, the photos of his homeland are immaculate ... much like his soul... we can all take notes from an angel like him... rest in peace young man

From Marlene
This is a song sung by my dad's home church in Samoa, Alofau SDA. The lead singer is his niece, and a lot of his nieces are in this song. Its a church song. Talks about understanding that everyday we fall short of God's glory but are thankful that in the good times and bad, we leave all our doubts, fears and worries at His feet.


Pulao Penang

Such an amazing story Thank u for sharing.


To Comment. From Marlene
The video of song from a church is like a scene from the disney movie, moana... very touching... i just read the reflection this morning🥺🙏 thank you for sharing his gentle soul with me

Caring for Things that matter.

Life is short and sweet ... why rushing through it ? As engineer, we will taught to judge everything based on facts and data ... but in life "Not everything that can be counted counts and not every thing that counts can be counted" 😀

Friend from Vietnam

It’s such a touching story..!Thanks for sharing.

Ken Wong

What an incredible person. They don’t make them like him anymore. I met him when he was doing your landscape in the front. Rest In Peace Setu.
Thanks for sharing.

High School Classmate Fr India

Very interesting & incredible life of Setu
And where he was from Samoa
Luv for nature was in blood so he was very good Gardener from his heart
Thanks for sharing

Fred Neal

Lovely story Anand. It is so true that different people come into our lives to teach us things we need to learn before we move on. Fred


A very warm experience reading about Setu. His sensitivity, warmth, friendliness, dedication to family, and magnanimity are palpable through such a nicely written ode to him. Thank you for sharing this.Learning to remain gentle is what i will keep reminding myself through this.😊🙏

MQer from Malaysia

Thanks Anand for sharing. Now we know the man, Setu, who helped keeping your garden green, the place where all MQers would visit and have chit chats whenever visiting you and your family.

Evelyn Tan

A gentle giant...lucky you n your family to hv known him..🌞

Roger Quadra

Wow nice story of a humble man thanks to person who made this interesting story the first paragraph i read i thought in mymind that its a farewell very touching i can see myself to him hardworking im the one wash cloth wash the disces plates love gardening inremember 2001 applying US visa tourist plan to work as gardener in America but not lucky enough very interesting Godbless you Anand and family late reply im very household chores yesterday


What a beautiful tribute to your friend, Anand! Setu must be smiling up there due to the story that you wrote and the video that you made for him. 😊


Lots of lessons here for all of us as we live in a world which pushes all to rush and get more to feel happy. But in reality,it is only by going slow and enjoying the moments with your friends and family can one find happiness. The truth is that when we leave this earth, we will all soon be forgotten even if we had all the riches of the world. But through stories like these passed through generations, one can be remembered for a longer time. Thanks Anand for writing such a beautiful story :)


It was wonderful that you and family were able to meet Setu.. Too bad you were not able to reconnect with him until later.. He seemed like a good family man too.

Thanks for sharing this true amazing story. I could see dates special for me: we shared wedding anniversaries and he shared birthday of my older sis....what a coincidence!!

Have a good day, Anand..

Marlene L

Thank you to everyone, especially the Shah family, for sharing the story of the first man I ever loved. He truly loved us unconditionally and showed us that every single day. We thank God for the time He gave us to love and be loved by him. We miss him everyday, more than the last. His whole life has been a testimony and an example to us in my walk with God, in my marriage, as a parent and as someone others can rely on. I hope if I am half the person he is, my life will be blessed and I too can be a blessing through my acts of kindness and labors of love. Happy holidays.

Elizabeth Wu Manila

I have read the life story of Mr Setu Eliapo a wonderful man that touches your heart, and i have watch the lovely video that you make for Mr Setu Eliapo, thank you for sharing the pleasant moments you were with him❤️

Gloria Trutmann

That’s really an inspiring story Anand! Good people met good-hearted person as well 😘 stay all safe and healthy! Godbless 🙏

Singapore Friend

A beautiful video paying homage to Setu. Thanks!


Beautiful and touching story of a remarkable, inspiring man. Our world needs more of him. Thank you for sharing ❤️

Carol, neighbor

Anand, you are a magnet to amazing people! What a loving legacy Setu left behind! He came, he loved & helped; he inspired, leaving us with perspectives to reflect on ourselves and our environment!


I loved your latest FR post. Very heartfelt and beautiful.


Thank you for sharing this with the world. Uncle Setu is my grandpa's brother. He was very big on family and would always open his home to us whenever we visited him in the States. I now live in the village that Uncle Setu spoke so fondly of here in Samoa. We miss him dearly but his memories and the moments he shared with us will always live within our hearts.

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