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November 27, 2020


Stanford Friend

Great message. Thanks


May his tribe increase! Thank God for good people like Shishir! 😇

From Shardamandir Friend

Everyone should be helpful to each other
Thanks to Shishir kaka because of his help you reached to yr Goal in time
GIF give him peace


I feel thankful for such kind gestures done without any expectation of favours or intention of putting any obligation upon the other. Really grateful. 😊🙏


What a flashback and unsurpassable reflection! Thank you.


I still remember Shishirkaka's face... fair n handsome. 💐 good friend of my father inlaw.


Thanks to Shishir Kaka! Nice gesture! I wonder if in today's world there are still people like him.

Marlene L

I hope to be experience or be this kind and thoughtful in my lifetime, many times. Thank you for sharing.


I agree --that we should be kind and helpful to each other regardless...thanks..


Good story. Good message. Thanks for sharing.


Good story and great message. One can never forget the gratitude and selflessness in helping positive and life changing experience. 🙏🏼

fred neal

Another wonderful story of how one person's kindness and have such a major impact on another person. Then what that person does with their life continues to have a ripple effect on other lives.


Good News is Welcome

A wonderful message in trying times.

Humble Warrior

Powerful. High character move right there.


very touching and inspiring!

Friend from Penang since 1984

Great story... meaningful... not everyone are able to meet such a man with kindness & willing to help. All of us hope to meet such person in our life that can transition us to a better future... signing as a guarantor is a huge responsibility esp if the recipient does not fulfill his end of the responsibility.

Time Marches Onward

Fabulous! Thanks for sharing...again!


Great story Anand ! He is definitely one of the reason why you inspire so many contributing to the good karma chain ….

Fr Belleville Friend

That’s a beautiful story and clearly the universe has you in its palm, looking out for you Anand 😊

Pulao Penang

Great man and may he rest in peace and hv a enjoyable journey in his new world ... 🙏

Fr Ian

Lovely story… have met similar people who helped and changed the course my life and to them I am forever grateful


Very touching

Best Friend

This is so heartbreaking (what happened to him) and so heartwarming (his life and how he spent it and impact on you). Thank you for sharing


We are only remembered by the memories we leave behind in others


Lovely and touching, indeed. A life well lived, leaving others grateful.

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