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November 12, 2020


Nandeep Nagarkar

Dear Anand

One of the most beautiful tributes I’ve read Thabk you for sharing.


Thank you for sharing this account and reflection. From his photo and from your description of Father Vallès, the only thing I can feel about and through this grand gentleman is an abundance of peace and magnanimity. Fortunately must have been all his students who got the opportunity to refine themselves under his aegis.Such phenomena never die; they just discard an old body. 😊🙏


World getting smaller, people from different cultures have more chance than ever to cross paths, work and live together. 'Respecting diversity' is the key to bring peace and harmony.

Not to forgot. Happy Diwali to those whom celebrate … may millions of lamps illuminate your life with joy, prosperity, health and wealth forever 😊

Cal Grad

Nice reflection and tribute to Father Vallés. Stayed true to his Christian Jesuit roots

Humble Warrior

Beautiful reflection for a man who lived an exemplary life.

Anand, let me know if you have a book recommendation of his, thank you...

"leading with the heart", I love that.


What a nice reflection.
As always, thank you for sharing.
Your friend


Very true....and very content of you's happiness too.


What a heavy weight in humanity and touching hearts! Those parting words are poignant. Thanks for sharing.


Last week in my church sermon, our pastor highlighted that one of the biggest actions for a follower of Christ is to serve others. Father Valles did just that. That is why he lives in the hearts of millions of people. I had recently heard a youtube talk by Swami Sarvapriyananda from Ram Krishna Mission which is very relevant here. He mentioned that among the 3 great powers of our mind, is the ability to serve others. It actually brings much more joy in our hearts serving others than when we spend money to find that happiness. I wanted to share this video to highlight that all religions have tried to give us the wisdom to lead a happy life. Three Great Powers of the Mind – Swami Sarvapriyananda


Here is the link I wanted to share:


What a lovely reflection and brilliant tribute to a truly lived man spreading and teaching the meaning of humanity. What motakaka has written is so very true. Relationships of the heart lasts forever.


To Humble Warrior
You will find the list of Father Valles books in English in the following link.

A Friend from Singapore

I am still thinking how i came to know about him at school, I will share this with my classmates and colony friends... I wonder how such individuals are driven who leave every thing behind to live their life in some unknown land. I feel those times our schools and teachers were different... does this world still produce people like this? Current media is so much full of negativity... we need so many more of such role models.

KFC Penang

Again another inspiring FR. Language is very powerful for communication. And very meaningful parting words from Mr. Mansuri.

ET Filipina friend

You're blessed to hv someone like Father Valles as your teacher...a sincere,wise n good man of God...


I admire those missionaries who devote their life to a foreign country just because they were sent by their religious organization. The utmost love of all is to give your life to those whom you don’t even know.


A life well lived… with purpose and kindness

Shardamandir Friend

Nice story ! And great experiences of life, thanks for sharing

MC- Singapore

Thanks for sharing this Anand. It really touches me.


A beautiful reflection on a beautiful soul. ❤️🙏


I agree with both Father Valles and the author I believe that religion and creeds are man made so far as man makes different creeds because God neither Allah has left any gap in man's creation He has created all equal in one's blood in some color There is no difference. Hindu's dark red, Muslim's light red. Hindu has three hands, Muslim has two hands and Parsi has one hand. There is no such thing as God has not kept any distance.

Prasad Vepa

Inspiring FR post on Father Carlos Vallés. His teachings have a universal resonance and appealed a lot to me with my early schooling in Catholic and Theosophical schools and subsequent exposure to Vedanta after coming to CA in '76.


Still love reading these
Thank you

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