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October 29, 2020



A wonderful experience reading and trying to digest this. Anot impactful account and precious lessons listed that are not easy to forget. I stand richer today. Thank you for sharing, Anandkaka. 😊🙏

High School Friend

Really this is very positive thinking of yours In the story.

In Awe!

Experience is not just what happens to a person; it is what a person does with what has happened to him or her. – Aldous Huxley

Time Enough For Love

The World could use a bit more of these four concepts


Some great lessons in this story, indeed.
Thank you for sharing!
Take care

humble warrior

"Parting words are very important."... this has shown to be true where I work... during the pandemic, 4 former employees have re-joined the team with open arms


Thank you for a beautiful story that illustrates a key principle, that is never taught is schools , yet so important fir a great leader and good human being.


Great story of someone whom the "school system" expected to be an under achiever, but the real world gave him rewards for what he was able to do for his businesses. We all have some sort of genie-in-us. Key is for us to find and harness it for good.


Very nice take home message in Fred story.
I will call the story Fred. Without the adjective. 🙂


Deep! Thanks for sharing!!

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