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September 17, 2020


Childhood Friend

Often they appear to be random but surprisingly they are not... Time and perseverance give it a tangible form.


😘wonderful write up about what passion about. U truly appreciate our sharing and combined them all in one. Great 💡 idea


I find it easier to chase your passion once you have a pension (or similar amount of security)

Humble Warrior

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Time in isolation has been a great time to dive deeper into your own curiosities and passions...

and truly see how far the rabbit whole goes...

With each question answered regarding your passion, it becomes more apparent and clear to want to keep digging, want to know more, want to spend every available minute wrapped in that state of flow...

I value time in the highest regard, very important to me, every minute counts... BUT what I found was that when working on passions, time seemed not to exist there... time was not top of mind or relevant... that's when you know your on to something

HN: SC friend since 1997

Anand, these Friday Reflection are a spark for me to end a week, sometimes make me laugh, at times contemplative, even my daughter loves them!


Well- You have done it again Anand! You proved that we are never really disconnected. Just need to know how to maintain that kinship.
BTW- I just heard a quote on Wednesday that made me think of you. 😊 “Everywhere is Home, and everyone in Kin”

This FR took away in an instant the sense of lock down

It shows how bountiful nature can be when nurtured.

I sensed how when work stems from childhood passions it does not feel like work. Want to hear / see more about The Last Walk.

It feels like I ran into Yan Bee, Kim Foong, Dipankar, C T, Ray, Mike, Thad, Nanseng, Boon Seng through the images they captured :)

And now of course I have to say Hello to each of you!

CT- your photos are amazing! I occasionally go to FB and look at them. I will re-comment that the bird skimming water looks like a painting!

Yan Bee and Kim Foong - Girls I miss you both so much! I love gardening too. I pray that sometime soon, I can have you over to share my new garden with you both.

Thad - Bird in a fountain :)- another facet of your personality?

Ray - How are you? Here in AZ we too " enjoyed" the red sun and moon- without the terrible air. Been thinking about all of you in CA and Oregon.

Mike lucky you- I bet you are enjoying Grand-fatherhood :)

Hello Dipankar! Nanseng, Boon Seng - thank you for rekindling memories of this Exotic Park. Nature is stupendous indeed.

And last but not the least- Nimish. I don't know you. But really liked the Pencil drawings. If you don't mind, I would like to share these with my son and his biologist friends in Reno and Redding.

May all of you and yours stay safe and healthy

Carol: neighbor

Passions bring out talent. Love those paintings. And it's such a gift that we can grow some of our food. To capture nature's miracle bounty, plant at least 1 fruit tree to enjoy and share. But then it's hard to stop at 1 😁🍋🍐 🍑


Great write up. Passion is something we all could use right now. Thank you Anand for another great article during these trying times.


Thank you Anand...this is so inspiring!


Great to see such wonderful works and fruits of labor from highly respected ex-colleagues.

“One has a great fire burning within, but no one stops to warm themselves by it; those who pass by see nothing but a little smoke at the top of the chimney and then go on their way.”
― Vincent Van Gogh

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