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August 06, 2020



Absolutely Anand. The truth for me is that the pandemic has taught me what really matters. It is to have good health and loving family around us. Everything else is a bonus which we did not create by our own. I have been doing my own search of source of discomfort and what I find is that when I provided "resistance" to reality, discomfort crept in. Congrats on an important milestone. Our interaction also started through Friday Reflection 14 years back. I still remember that you kept my note that i had sent a year back about the fact that you are finding time to share your wisdom


Congratulations Anand and to everyone who has contributed to make FR such a brilliant read every week. It certainly has enriched our lives with your experiences you have shared over the years. We have learned so much too. Look forward to many more and bless you too from the bottom of my heart.

Humble Warrior

Happiness is like a kiss. You must share it to enjoy it! _ Bernard Meltzer


I liked it... I just want to be happy without any reason... just like smiling without any reason that people thought I'm crazy...oh well...

Happy Friday


Thank you for this FR. Always lookinh forward for it. My week will not be complete if i dont have it. Thanks so much Anand. Please keep well. 😘

RE- Japan

Thank you. Contentment is very important. Take care Anand!

From Sunny Arizona

In the old hippie days we called it 'be here, be now'


We are truly fortunate to receive these from you.. thank you!

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