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August 27, 2020


Millan Trivedi

A well needed timely message for all parents.

Old Colleague

Compassion for all and self. Thank you for the kind reminder.

Humble Warrior

great post. also respect to all the mothers... who overnight became teachers... and respect to all the teachers... who overnight became IT professionals (w/ all the technical difficulties navigating through distance learning)... and respect to the children... who do not know how to use a computer, yet try and try and try again and never give up... this too shall pass... in terms of baseball, these times are like a rain-delay... be a prepared professional, for when the sun does come out & it will- you are ready when you hear the umpire yell- play ball!


This too shall pass… and great moments are still to come


Thanks Anand. Have thought about the same thing that its tough to put ourselves in our kid's shoes. As adults we have a lot of coping mechanism but for kids, they may have only us to spend all their time with. Helps give us a perspective that we are all in it together.

A note From a wise friend (posted by FR team)

I agree with you totally that we adults have not come to grips fully to understand the disruption, adjustment and continued isolation of children. Though kids can be very resilient, they need a lot of empathy and support to fill even a fraction of their loss of interaction with their friends.


Touches a chord and reminds one of intense beautiful moments spent with my young children..looking forward to doing the same with my grandchildren🙂

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