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July 09, 2020


Prevention Focused fr East

Before talking about prevention, one must acknowledge the risk ... it is very sad that some "head" of the country eg US and Brazil ... they are simply making their wish list over ride the facts and data ... so they are now top the number casualty of this crisis

Turn, Turn, Turn

In many cases, a dozen people in a room cannot agree on anything, so how could the "entire world" get together to create this "Hoax"? What would the benefit be of a "hoax" on this scale? Willful ignorance of fact / science is far worse than any disease that might come along. However, as a friend is fond of saying: "You can't fix stupid".


"Science is the process of becoming less and less wrong as time goes along."


Great points raised.
Unfortunately things spin downwards when leadership either refuses to see the dots, refuses to connect the dots, or have their own Alt-dots

Humble Warrior

Great global persepctive... lets learn from what works and stop what doesn't

American Desi

Good one. But people who believe in hoaxes don't even care about this data. A close relative in india still bites this is a big hoax, but to what purpose nobody can say.

Dennis Ferraz

Can any medical professional eliminate the flu?! The answer is NO. The flu vaccine is barely 50% effective.
This will also be the fate of the Corvid-19 virus. People recover from the flu. But more people recover from the corona-19 virus compared with the flu. Data from numerous countries show that those who died from the corona-19 had very low levels of vitamin D of less than 20ng/ml . Many countries from Europe to Asia are pleading for people to boost their vitamin D levels to 60ng/ml as means of preventing and also for recovering in event of getting this virus. Closing schools, prolonging shutdowns will only cause much more deaths than the corona virus. Death rates are only 0.04% Many of these deaths were made by bad decisions to house infected old people in rest and old homes, causing these deaths. We need to protect the vulnerable. Is this a hoax or a political game to instill fear and promote an election agenda? Yes we should wear masks at all times and look into the science to minimize death rates by improving one’s immune system. The evidence is already out about the benefits of raising one’s vitamin D within a month to reduce the death rates. Schools should be opened at least on a part time basis to keep our kids motivated and also for allowing the population to go back to work. The death rate will be much higher compared to the corridor-19 virus if shut downs are prolonged due to suicide, drug use, depression and house abuse.

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