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June 04, 2020


A note from Family.

Louis Hou-Duc Liang, born 5/3/44 in Shanghai, China, became the stuff of stars on 5/28/20.

As Carl Sagan said, and Louis believed, "The cosmos is within us. We are made of star stuff. We are a way for the universe to know itself."

In his time on Earth, Louis traveled vastly and lived vibrantly--making life long friends in cities across the world, patenting new tech during the early years of semiconducting, consulting, mentoring, and loving those fortunate enough to know him.

For the past five years, he courageously forged his own path whilst living life as fully as possible with not one, but two stage four cancers--leiomyosarcoma and prostate. He, and we, could not have done so without the support and care of many of you.

While we miss his earthly form, we take comfort in knowing his presence will be all around us. No matter where we are, we will find him in the sky above.

In accordance to Louis' expressed wishes, there will not be a funeral or graveside service. Instead, we will scatter his ashes in his favorite spaces--honoring his belief that, after life, we exist in the matter all around us.

We invite you to share words or memories to this email and to find Louis in fond or unexpected places such as the starry night sky. When time allows, we will respond to any questions or requests.

We are grateful for each of you who has been a part of his journey and ours. Please feel free to share with whomever you feel should know.

fred neal

Anand- Very kind words for Louis. May he RIP.

You should be proud as you followed in his footsteps and mentored hundreds of others over the years. I also agree that the awards are but points of light as we go through life. The only real light that matters is that which comes from family and friends.

Stay safe and well my friend,


I feel fortunate to get to read this.

Although this is the first time I am reading about Louis Liang, I feel as if he was almost a part of my own life. This feeling can come only from the recognition of the sensitivity and nobility that a person carries and radiates, and it is quite apparently and tangibly felt through your honest and sincere ode to a person who still Is.. who can never really die. Only the body perishes; the person doesn't.. the legacy doesn't.


Yes. Having him as your friend is a blessing.


Amazing and very touching


RIP- We will definitely miss him and his always smiling face . God bless his divine soul

Sharon Johnston

You write beautifully, and from your heart, Anand. How fortunate to have a treasured friend. I’m sorry for your loss. Wishing comfort to all who loved and respected him. ❤️


Memories of Louis captured in Digital camera era. The rest are in paper albums.

Elisabeth Moore

What a beautiful tribute, so sorry for your loss.

Raymond C Pineda

Rest In Peace, Louis. I only met you a few times - twice at Anand’s house and once at Starbucks. And in those few brief encounters, I observed glimpses of your physical stature, depth of knowledge, clarity of thought, and kindness of heart.

Ken Yee

My condolences to Louis’ family and to you and Luisa as his dear friends. I’m glad I had the honor of meeting Louis through you at Fairchild. May he Rest In Peace.



So beautifully written. Louis was truly special to this world. It was an honor to have met and known him.


Such a moving tribute! Thank you for sharing. I'm sure he must be smiling somewhere.


Life is meant to be a beautiful journey


One good soul crossing path with one another. Good caption of memories and well written. Thank you for the sharing.


Beautiful tribute to a wonderful friend who has left you with splendid amaryllises. Language of friendship is in the words you have eloquently written. May he rest in eternal peace.

Humble warrior

Profound last words of his as to what matters most... Very inspiring intellect and bond of friendship... my condolences Anand


Thanks for sharing such a nice tribute to Louis. I remember working together with Louis at Intel and always appreciated his kind, gentle ways. Very smart and great to have worked with him. My condolences to his family and friends.
Chuck Korstad


Very moving, I am sorry for your loss 🌹

Maxine Gandall

Wow Anand what a wonderful tribute. Your friend is looking down on you and saying thank you. So sorry for your loss. Much Aloha


What a nice article and thoughtful way of remembering the legacy Louis left for you and the world around him. I remember our brief encounter and saw his warmth. May his soul rest in peace and give his family the comfort of remembering all their experiences on earth!

East Coast

Living here on Cape Cod, the 2nd oldest demographic in the country, there is much death, too many funerals (and Celebrations of Life). I have many friends who are in their 80s, some with compromised health, others that seem fine. But you cannot take anything for granted and they can be gone in an instant. And you have to strive to remember that every time you see them. I often told the same thing to my children when they visited their grandparents (this could be the last time so don’t waste the opportunity).

It is good you visited your friend, got to spend some time. So very important – for him and for you.

And in the end, the other thing we can take to the grave is our good deeds. Hopefully, we will all need a wheelbarrow.

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