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June 25, 2020



What a great reflection!


Oh so true… a mark of true wisdom I think. Thanks for sharing


LIFE 101: Everything We Wish We Had Learned About Life In School -- But Didn't PART ONE

A few sentences from the book
I call this book LIFE 101 because it contains all the things I wish I had learned about life in school but, for the most part, did not.

After twelve (or more) years of schooling, we know how to figure the square root of an isosceles triangle (invaluable in daily life), but we might not know how to forgive ourselves and others.

We know what direction migrating birds fly in autumn, but we're not sure which way we want to go.

We have dissected a frog, but perhaps have never explored the dynamics of human relationships.

We know who wrote "To be or not to be, that is the question," but we don't know the answer.

We know what pi is, but we're not sure who we are.

We may know how to diagram a sentence, but we may not know how to love ourselves.

That our educational system is not designed to teach us the "secrets of life" is no secret. In school, we learn how to do everything--except how to live.

Fred Sanford: Didn't you learn
anything being my son?
Who do you think I'm
doing this all for?


Key Message: "their minds committed wholly to the present."


Part of the challenge as we grow older is the set of expectations put on us by society in general. Soon we measure our happiness on how we are matching upto these expectations. A child does not have this understanding and generates happiness of their own experiences, not based on external judgment.


Nothing compares to the companionship of a dog. They live life in the moment and love unconditionally.


Such a good critical analysis of what 'happiness' is. When I think about the amount of excitement my dog shows as he welcomes me back home every single day, I am overwhelmed. A tear rolls of my cheek sometimes when I miss him.

I can see how my memory of paltry details deteriorates my ability to be truly lost in a moment, to truly enjoy a moment. I feel I spend too much time comparing different experiences rather than actually savouring the real moment.

Recently, I came across a nice presentation by Martin Seligman on postive psychology (in the following video) and your post helped me appreciate the details of this study by Seligman.



Hi Bobby,

This video is fantastic! Thank you for sharing it with us.

The part I had a thought about was about flow states. Mr. Seligman mentions that when you are in a flow state that you feel nothing, that you are a blank canvas in a way. My experience (and this is only from my point of view) Is that a flow state is actually being filled with uninterrupted emotion that is through an activity without any resistance from the ego, criticism, or rejection. That's why flow states fill us with such meaning after the activity is done - time ceases to exist, allowing a merger between our true internal state and the external world without impediment.

It's the same philosophy Bruce Lee spoke of in relation to martial arts. He entered a flow state while working on that particular discipline. Drive and meaning comes from our internal states manifesting in the external world. And to be able to enter flow and bring it out into the world, you must invest your "emotional content" into it. For him you dont just "kick" but you put your life force, your truest emotion into that kick. You enter flow - reacting externally via your physical body - to an internal, unimpeded emotional impulse. Check out the opening scene from "Enter the Dragon" for this

This video was fantastic and there is much to glean from Mr. Seligman as you can apply it to anything whether you find flow in nature, art, science, math, or your family.


Good wisdom.. thank you for sharing

humble warrior

"The best part exists in the doing" ... ;) fall in love with the process

Hoping for a blissful life

In my next life, I want to be one of my own dogs. If we can reincarnate, can we also Time Travel?

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