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June 18, 2020



Enjoy watching the video, see how the swimming pool could be turned into garden. There are many BKMs there. But I think the Garden Snakes BKM would not be agreed by my wife. :)


Nature and nurture!! It is ever so beautiful and if it brings a smile to your face then all the efforts are worth it. Bless you and your family for creating such a magical garden which shows lot of love and care. Good luck going forward to many more years. I have always enjoyed the pictures and videos shared by you.

Pulao Penang

Wonderful transformation and so meaningful for you and family. Enjoy the video very much.

Sharon Johnston

This is a definite labor of love, guided by Spirit. What a beautiful oasis!


Love the garden and the lessons! 🙂


Nice garden and landscaping hah If you don’t begin you will not win

Bhakti Kavit Shah

You have created a mini heaven🤗👏so divine


Except for lesson #3, everything else looks doable :)

Humble Warrior

Beautiful, not only does it make ur home so beautiful and Serene but also the wildlife has enjoyed the new abode as well! So it once was a pool?


Beautiful! Most important thing in life is finding what makes you happy and doing it.

humble warrior

wow #2 is a great result from showing patience.. most would removed... well done, its blossomed so well... very happy and serene place for your family and the wildlife


What a serene escape!

Shardamandir Friend

excellent wow what a transformation of back yard , looks great 👍


it is so beautiful, the pond, so relaxing and inviting. Love it.


Labor of Love- is what this is. As I watched the video, I recalled several FRs- Your mom, Lily, Hummingbirds, the Crane waiting for a nibble... And I remembered fondly, the times that I have visited.

I especially like Lesson # 2.
Happy 10th Anniversary dear yard :)

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