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April 23, 2020



Very touching watching this...The world still full of love.


This is beautiful and inspiring. All the kids are so gifted and have such high ideals. Wow!

Pulao Penang

One of my all time favourate from MJ ...👍


Wonderful synergy of innocent minds all over the planet! It is sweet. Nice initiative by Nirali and Kartik.

When we say "make the world a better place for our children", we forget that we are our own children! We leave our current bodies, but come back in new vehicles - the world we leave today is the world we live in our coming visits.


Thanks for sharing. It shows that there is always something we could do to make the world a little better regardless of our status or the situation we are in.

humble warrior

whoa, timely and beutiful


The collaboration for the video was done entirely online, over a period of nine months, through Skype rehearsals and exchanges. Each young musician was sent their sequence from song, which they recorded and sent back to Maati Baani, who then edited the piece and re-sent it to the children before finalising it. "The beauty of an online collaboration is that none of the kids knew who all they were collaborating with," Kartik said. "So for them, watching the video was like opening a surprise packet."

From Sunny Arizona-living natural friend

A glorious exultation for our young generation, indeed. I hope our children are clever enough to want nothing short of an entirely different world going forward. "Normal" just isn't tenable.

Point to Ponder from Pragmatic Businessman

👍our president should learn from these kids.


Talk about how creative our mind can be if we allow it to fly! I watched this and some of their other videos a few years back and wondered how they could collaborate so effortlessly through different countries and cultures!

Malaysia KFC

Yes, I did. Also the making. Truly amazing and the song describes exactly what all mankinds need to do for the world. One word to describe all involved in the recording - Passion. Only that will make every effort to succeed! All roadblocks will be cleared, all challenges will be resolved...

YBL friend from distant land

WOW. Wow, wow!!!!!Amazing, creative and such powerful message through beautiful music. Kids from all over the world and supportive parent. Love the cute little talented souls and the creators of the video

Friend From China. YF

Watched this is a great video and the thought behind it is so kind and nice. AMAZING Youngsters


Very Tachi Song.

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