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April 30, 2020



Idealistic and desire stage but not realistic and practical - we the human have to be simply pragmatic!

Pulao Penang Friend

👍🏽life is full of discovery. Is wonderful to know such wonderful persons in this wonderful world. The wonderful song out a big wide smile on my face. Sing with heart and soul. Very nice video show 🌍 and a “beautiful ring” = sun


Thank you for sharing this wonderful song today! Reminds me that we make this place good or bad based on our thoughts and actions. What God created for us is wonderful but how we live our life determines our experiences. This week, I heard about the deaths of great actors as well as people we knew personally. Made me realize again that our life is ephemeral here and how important it is to consciously choose how we spend our time here. Would others be benefitted because we lived?

On a more analytical thought, we have to also realize that our minds are biased for Loss aversion. We worry much more about losing something than about gaining something of equal value. If we keep that in perspective, we will start to appreciate much more of the blessings and goodness we find around us, even when we might disagree with others on something.


Great song.. and true wisdom
Take care!

I am from Penang

What a wonderful song. I agree with you that the world has been created to be wonderful but it is us that make it not so wonderful. Let us together appreciate what we have and take good care of it.

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