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April 17, 2020


Young and Restless for the better world

Very true statement. In this economy we must focus on our needs rather than the wants. Hope you all are doing well. Stay safe and have a great day. :)


Price less views, fresh fruits and vegetables. A good life .

Funny that you should write this just as I was pondering over the irony of a forward this morning that said- Economy is down- because people are buying only what they need!

Stay safe and healthy Anand.


Timely sharing for this FR as we deal with life challenges and forget about our wants and instead focus on our needs. I was reading a book "Your money or your life" by Vicki Robin where she shared a similar insight. She highlighted that the money we earn is in return to the life energy we give away. The world especially the marketing world is all about firing up our "never ending wants" so companies can make money. We end up working non stop to satisfy these wants. At the end we live an unfulfilled life. Better to really check whether our wants are really needed or not. This blog has a good picture from her book.

Humble Warrior

Very true! A time to reflect on whats essential in your life

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