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February 13, 2020


Dennis Ferraz

Anand, how wonderful you see possibilities in peopleyou met a while ago. It makes a difference a face to face encounter versus just by Facebook or email. Enjoy the people you meet and give opportunities for the people you meet to share their thoughts. One can learn from their life experiences and absorb all the good expressions including verbal.
You need to write a book on all your travels, meetings with so many different people and include even the ones you did not quite appreciate and blame the unpleasantness on some unhappy circumstance.
Your work experience involving a variety of people in your global meetings will also add experiences to show the human nature of people in different situations over time. You can show many examples of happiness, sadness and possible changes in your friendships. Include the misfortunes or regrets of the losses of good friendships.


Love the video as well as the story behind the video. Glad that you found a kindred spirit through facebook and then you all actually met :). I feel a youtube channel is very close for you and it will be fun to hear you say stories in front of the camera. Thanks for sharing your life experiences to all of us


Happy Valentine's day Anand!. Fantastic PTP- brings a new meaning to the word Valentine- which is so often used one dimensionally.
And you gave meaning to the quote.

Hard to believe you found someone even slightly similar:)
Palawan looks beautiful and the snakes and dragons made it exciting. Thank you for the opportunity to see this part of the Philippines

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