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January 09, 2020





Mary Abel

Wonderful reflection ❤️ Thank you!


I think than many people in modern society come to realize (with age and maturity) that fancy material objects bring only temporary pleasures. Medications (as well as chemical pleasures fron tobacco, alcohol,etc.) can help us to heal, or be more comfortable, or stay calm, but they can also be addictive and carry us further away from happiness rather than closer. As a result, we crave a deeper meaning and spiritual connection. Religion can be an essential guide for many, but in the wrong hands it also can be misused for deception, fraud, and manipulation.
Skeptics worry about how religion sometimes can be a tool of psychological passivation instead of true spiritual journey based upon free choice. For a skeptic such as myself, thinkers such as Williamson represent a kind of hope and also a threat at the same time.
She's a hope in as far as her philosophy can empower people to rise to a greater challenge of service and social contribution. She's a threat if people misunderstand the essential message as empowered privilege rather than empowered responsibility. The trick to happiness seems to be in the enjoyment of giving rather than of receiving.

Thankful we are made to feel guilty if we outshine others... We hv to be either too humble or timid to the point of being insecured in our own some people wl try to tear us dwn if we outshine them. But as we...Me gts older n hopefully Wiser...i let myself shine to feel good abt myself..n hope I can maybe help others feel better.. cz life is always up n dwn...some days I feel dwn..n friends cheer me up..n somedays they feel bad..n I try to brighten up their day too...


Very nice!

Pacific Islander

Thanks Anand for ths enlightening article on feeling Not Guilty when you know you did or present your best...what's so ironic are the people who try to control your shine..

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