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January 16, 2020


Ryan J Ong

An outsider (customer) can often ask the direct question that insiders miss (or forget). Simple and to the point.


Great learning / story.. thank you my friend!

Keith Dompier

Right on the money, Anand as usual. I worked on both customer and supplier sides of business in my career and both were the same - “Why do we have these problems? Why aren’t they being solved?” Learned this early on dealing with automotive customers

Humble Warrios

"Am I in good hands?”
"Do these people give me enough confidence that they can solve my current problems?"

Great questions to ask yourself and others.

I have empathy for both sides.

The frustrated customer doesn't care too much about the process. They just want the results.

The supplier was proud of his teammates and was confident in them. A great quality to have and he displayed it publicly.

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