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December 12, 2019



Thanks Anand for all the genuine love and care you shared with all of us. Your friendship has changed many lives and will continue to do so in the future.


It is a wonderful Life Indeed! Friends of all shapes, colors, sizes, virtual , and in person- enrich our lives. Fantastic reflection for the end of the year.

Love and Warm wishes to you Dear Anand, and family.


Note: Thanks to Sharon for pointing out an error in the spelling of Failure in the Title of the reflection. Changing it now will disable all the links to the article that is sent out to thousands of readers. So for now, please accept my sincere apology for missing this.

email note from a good Friend John M.

You do a great job keeping your network live !

Thanks for the walk down memory lane, good to see the old & older faces 😊

To use your phrase “Never drink tea alone !”

Thanks for sharing,

Humble Warrior

Salutations My Friend,

Always a pleasure to share and take part in our journeys together ... May you & your family continue to go down many more eventful and fruitful paths ... & Expect our Christmas card soon!


Once again, a great reflection.. thank you, my friend

All the best

Micro CEO

We can easily see a count of how many friends we have in social networks like Facebook, but I'm sure this figure pales in comparison to Anand's complete network of true friends worldwide, which seems to have an infinite quality. Friendship has an unlimited capacity for generating the power of gratitude by conduction, induction, and radiation. I imagine that we all share the same common wish for peace and happiness, wherever we may reside. The more friends we make, the closer we may get to achieving that goal.

Best wishes and happy holidays to Anand and all of his friends.

Ana Balla

Happy holidays to everyone! Cheers to all our friends, young and old, close or acquaintance- everyone touches our life in different ways :)

Thank you Anand. You are a blessing to this world!

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